From now on hair removal doesn’t need to be a constant process! Get rid of unwanted hair permanently, remove hair for ever!

Most likely, one of the most unpleasant beauty treatments for every woman is unwanted hair removal. It is time consuming, boring and tiring, not to mention it is sometimes very painful process. Often there is no time for more pleasant procedures and pampering. Unwanted hair makes you feel uncomfortable and they really look unattractive, thus women face many problems:


  • Waxing, sugar wax or epilators are not pleasing
  • Unwanted hair keep growing and all procedures must be done again and again
  • If unwanted hair is thick, there is high risk of inflammation in hair follicle and purulence may appear on skin
  • After hair removal with wax or special creams a lot of women have irritated skin, which sometimes leads to dermatitis and it is quite difficult to fight this condition
  • Hair often ingrows into the skin and causes even more problems
  • If you use razors, hair grow thicker and denser.
  • Photoepilation and laser hair removal makes you take the whole course, but unfortunately hairiness come back and there is no result
  • All of possible hair removal methods are pricy. High costs on creams, wax, razors, lasers or beauty salon services.

All unwanted hair removal methods mentioned above lead to high risk of various problems. Instead of nice, smooth skin there will be redness and irritation, your skin will turn to be even more problematic.

Do you know how to remove unwanted hair for ever?

It is likely, that this is a dream of every woman. Each lady or a girl would like to forget the unpleasant procedures and enjoy the feeling of smooth and silky skin without unwanted hair. Also, it means to have more time, which every woman could spend with her family, or use it for her free time activities, etc.
Finally, it is possible with electrolysis, a widely known and very popular licensed method all over the world. This procedure ensures that hair will be removed for ever.
In electrolysis method the hair is removed by the help of electricity impulses, which emit heat. A thin needle or thread is put into hair follicle; it is damaged with the heat and destroyed. After the necessary number of appointments the unwanted hair is removed and it does not regrow, it is destroyed for ever. This method was developed in 1875 and many years were dedicated for improving it. This is the reason why, undoubtedly this is the most effective method of hair removal in the world. This procedure does not have any long lasting side-effects, does not cause any allergic reactions. In our salon we use not needles but thin, delicate threads, which adjust to the direction the hair grows.

It is a perfect hair removal method, no ingrowing hair, no pustules.

  • The result is visible straight after the first procedure
  • No longer irritated skin
  • Effect lasts for ever
  • It is possible to remove hair from various parts of the body: face, hands, bikini zone, etc.
  • Any harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for all skin types and any type of hair (not dependant on pigmentation)
  • Professionally made procedures ensure best results

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