Electrocoagulation is capillary removal

Are you tired of varicose blood-vessels? You don‘t know how to control the spreading varicose? Forget all concealing cosmetics for ever, we will help you to retrieve the beauty of your face!

When we meet person for the first time, naturally we see his face. Some people are happy, as they have smooth and glowy skin, while others must thoroughly take care of it. One of the most common face skin problems is varicose blood-vessels. It does not only cause discomfort, such blood-vessels have a tendency to spread and can destroy the aesthetics of the skin on the face. The first symptoms of this condition may appear even to young girls. This problem is often visible among those people who like sunbathing. The majority of those, who face this problem are women. Men face such problem very rarely.

The possible reasons for varicose blood-vessels:

  • Heredity
  • Sunbathing side-effects (UV sun radiation)
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Hormone contraception
  • Sudden temperature changes

All these aspects may be the reasons for varicose blood-vessels. When the parries of blood-vessels are weak, and connective tissue  naturally minimises with age, the balance between contraction and extension starts to shrink. Some of blood-vessels appear varicose and become more visible on the skin. This is how the redness appears on face, and it does not disappear.

One of the biggest problems is that it is not possible to fully cover varicose blood-vessels individually. Though, there is a procedure, which will remove varicose blood-vessels permanently. Of course, only qualified staff is able to perform such procedures. Our salon provides you best quality service as all specialists did their probation and are experienced, this is the reason we guarantee best results. Before the procedure all clients are informed about process and results of electrocoagulation.
Even though it sounds amazing, after first procedure you will be able to see the results. Electrocoagulation ensures that all visible facial blood-vessels will be removed. When the blood-vessel is pierced, after the blood spreads, it turns white. These days it is the most effective way of solving varicose blood-vessels caused problem. Experts state that this method is absolutely safe and reliable.

  • The results are visible immediately
  • Even smallest  varicose blood-vessels are removed
  • It is not time consuming
  • Season of the year is irrelevant
  • No side-effects: no scarring, or allergies
  • Even skin tone
  • It enhances  elasticity of the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types and various parts of the body
  • No threat of hyper pigmentation

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