Beauty is the vitamin of human‘s spiritual growth. (Lithuanian poet E. Mieželaitis)

Every woman should feel beautiful and take care of her body. Even in Ancient Egypt each beauty treatment was taken very seriously. For instance, abundance of hair on certain parts of the body meant negligence and grubbiness. For this reason, men rarely wore moustache and beard, and it is possible to talk about feminine beauty rituals for hours. These days women are extremely busy and hardly find time for time consuming and repetitive beauty treatments as women did in Ancient Egypt. Therefore, modern technologies have introduced many solutions.

All treatments we offer in our salon Epil are performed only by highly-qualified and prudent staff. Also, we use best quality beauty products and cosmetics, thus we offer our clients exclusively effective services:

  • Electrolysis. This is the oldest and the most valued procedure for hair removal all over the world.

Our wonderful team believes that precision and attention to every person, who opens our door, may not only brighten mood but also may help to forget everyday problems.
We invite you to visit our beauty salon for these reasons:

  • All procedures and treatments are safe for skin
  • The effect is fast and visible, best results are achieved gradually and are long lasting
  • Suitable both for women and men
  • Procedures and treatments are performed only by specialists with certificates of quality

At your convenience, our working hours are Monday to Saturday with individual reservations for each client. We invite you not only to try our services, as well we propose professional and valuable beauty advice.
Dear ladies, you deserve to be young and pretty. Just come, try our long lasting procedures and enjoy the results immediately, you will have more time than ever for the things you like and people you love.

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